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Aht N' About: street art in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is the home to a rich and diverse art scene. From museums to studios to street art to galleries, there is access to visual art all over the city.

At IFEP, one of our core initiatives is to support the arts in Pittsburgh and globally by exhibiting their work in creative new ways. Keep reading to learn more about the arts in Pittsburgh and how we are working to make our city a more beautiful and powerful place for free expression.

Art Aht N’ About

Murals and street art decorate the city and provide a free way for anyone in the ‘burgh to enjoy art. Pittsburgh has a network of street art around the whole city. See this map from Street Art Cities to find murals near you or to explore new areas.

IFEP has the honor of working with Haifa Subay, a street artist from Yemen now living in exile in Pittsburgh under the auspices of the Artist Protection Fund and the sponsorship of the University of Pittsburgh Global Studies Center. Her work centers around the effects of wartime on women, her longing for peace, and her conviction that war might be less common if women had more power. Along with the Center, we plan to bring Haifa’s artworks to the streets of Pittsburgh in the coming months. You can follow Haifa here to see more of her work and learn more about her journey.

Until then, we hope people will visit our current contribution to street art in Pittsburgh, “There is Black Art in the Future.” This exhibit was created to amplify the voices of Black women that are so often silenced in art and culture at large. This exhibit rejects those notions and features seven Black female artists and their work that addresses issues of racial injustice, inequality, COVID-19, climate change, repression and political polarization. To see their works, visit the Pitt Building in downtown Pittsburgh at 211 - 213 Smithfield St. where they are displayed for all to see and be reminded of the importance of their messages.

IFEP has worked with countless other artists to commission worlds and amplify their messages around the city and the world, more info can be found on the exhibitions page on our website.


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