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There is Black Art in the Future

About the Exhibit

Black women too often are silenced in a world that depends on them. "There is Black Art in the Future" rejects that reality by providing a public space to amplify their voices. In this exhibition, seven Black female artists address the crises of our time by drawing on their experiences and communities for inspiration. They confront issues of racial injustice, inequality, Covid-19, climate change, repression and political polarization. They challenge the status quo and remind us that Black Lives Matter and Black Art Matters. To see their works in real life, visit the Pitt Building in downtown Pittsburgh at 211-213 Smithfield St., where they will be on display in the form of enormous murals.

The Great Together

The Great Together is a declaration of love, community, nostalgia and abundance. During a time of separation and uncertainty, The Great Together was created with the idea of  memorializing moments, spaces and people. It's about the space we make for one another and  the mystic presence our ancestors present within such spaces. With an overarching theme of  community, this collage was crafted to nurture our warmest memories of sharing spaces and experiences with the ones closest to us.

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The Silver Lining