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Jameelah Platt

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© Jameelah Platt

As a proud Pittsburgh native, Jameelah Platt enjoys engaging with her community. Some  of her formal training and education include studying Fine Art at the University of art in Philadelphia Pa. As well as being a teaching artist at Assemble Gallery. Her most recent interest  has been in retrieving and unveiling the soft dream-like parts of our imaginations. In her own  words she stated the following:

“I am a story teller. I look for the anecdotes and fables of people of color, to reanimate the familiar narratives we are told and experience as children. I want to translate the nostalgic moments that we can mutually acknowledge and embrace as a community through the language  of gestures and movement with the human figure.” 

Her studio practice is driven by her interest in the art of story-telling, color, art history, assemblage and the decorative adornment of objects, spaces and people. She is intrigued with how color and composition can effect the way a narrative is translated and its relationship to the content that is being presented.

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