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Black History Month and Free Expression

Black History Month and Free Expression Graphic

February is Black History Month! 

Every year, in February we recognize the accomplishments, struggles and experiences of Black people in America. The theme for BHM 2024 is “African Americans and the arts” 

Black History Month is a reminder that we need to be working year round to preserve the progress made in the fight for racial justice and continue everyday to amplify Black voices. We must advocate for equality and give the Black community a platform for discussing systemic inequality and promoting their culture through art, literature, and protest. 

Throughout American history the fight for free expression of Black culture, life and basic rights has too often been met with silence, protest or hatred. Free expression facilitates the exchange of ideas and perspectives, and now is the time to highlight and listen to Black voices and make the world richer by bringing their stories out of the margins. 

In honor of Black History Month and as a part of our ongoing commitment to racial justice, we are spending the whole month recognizing Black champions of Free Expression by highlighting their work on our blog and social media pages. Keep an eye out each week for new features of inspiring individuals and organizations who are doing the important work of defending everyone's right to be who they are, say what they want, and be heard. 


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