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Faces of Free Expression in the News

Check out some of the local, national and international news coverage of the “Faces of Free Expression” exhibit.


“A brutal, undeniable fact of modern life is that the free press — that incredibly shrinking share of the world’s media ecosystem — is under siege.”

“The former site of a newspaper continues to showcase the need for free speech. Nonprofit International Free Expression Project, in partnership with IFEX, opened an art exhibition Monday titled “Faces of Free Expression” in the windows of the former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette building on Boulevard of the Allies in Downtown.”

Next Pittsburgh, News in Brief

“Faces of Free Expression, a new art installation by the International Free Expression Project, will be on display through July 4 in the street-level windows of the former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette building at 34 Boulevard of the Allies. The exhibition features the faces and stories of people who have fought to express themselves. A grand unveiling will take place at 10 a.m. on May 3 to coincide with World Press Freedom Day.”


“To mark World Press Freedom Day 2021, IFEX was honoured to partner with the International Free Expression Project on an exhibit that spotlights selected illustrations from our Faces of Free Expression series. The images and text fill the street-level windows of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette building, and can be viewed in-person or online, from 3 May to 4 July.”

“IFEX partnered with the International Freedom of Expression Project on an exhibit to spotlight the work being done around the globe to defend freedom of expression, and launch a proposal for a 'marketplace of ideas' artist space in downtown Pittsburgh.”


“The International Free Expression Project is honoured to present “Faces of Free Expression” (, an IFEX project that shares the inspiring stories of individuals around the world who defend the right to freedom of expression and access to information.”


“As the world marks Press Freedom Day, several organisations, entities and politicians around the globe have voiced their concerns over the increasing threats faced by journalists, pointing to the need for action to safeguard the profession.”


(Translated) “The International Freedom of Exchange (IFEX), the umbrella organization of the organizations advocating freedom of expression around the world, launched the "Faces of Freedom of Expression" campaign to encourage people to defend freedom of expression by sharing the stories of those who struggle to secure the right to information and to make the work of journalists safer.”


If you live or are visiting Pittsburgh, please explore the Faces of Free Expression exhibit on the facade of the former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette building at 34 Boulevard of the Allies, 15222. The exhibit runs through July 4.


Also check out the exhibit on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow us for updates on the "Faces" exhibit and exciting upcoming project and developments.


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