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Celebrate Pittsburgh with IFEP this November

Each month on our blog “Free Expression this Week” we highlight a different important issue relating to our mission and where we see it in Pittsburgh. But this month, we want to really dig into our roots and share our love for our city. Our minds and actions may be on the whole world, but our feet are planted in Pittsburgh. So for November, we are bringing it back to the ‘burgh.

From art to music to theater to journalism, Pittsburgh is a city for creative free expression. Our city is the home to amazing artists and creatives from Andy Warhol to Mac Miller. Pittsburgh has a large network of museums and galleries where artists and art lovers alike can enjoy Pittsburgh’s local and global works. We have a variety of music venues to choose from to see nationally touring artists as well as local talent. The Cultural District Downtown has theaters that house amazing regional productions and hosts national and global companies.

As our home, we know that Pittsburgh is a great place for nonprofit and mission driven organizations, and we are so proud to be a part of them. According to Cause IQ, there are 18,843 nonprofits in the greater Pittsburgh area that employ around 234,518 people. There is a diverse palette of organizations in Pittsburgh including those dedicated to racial justice, LGBTQ+ communities, disability justice, arts and so many more.

At IFEP our core initiatives revolve around making the world a place where all people have the right to creative free expression and can be who they are, say what they want, and be heard. To do this we want to help yinzers express their creativity in our “Marketplace of Ideas,” click here to learn more about it!

This month we are encouraging everyone to take some time to appreciate our city and give back in any way you can. Whether it's volunteering, donating, engaging on social media or otherwise we can all do our part to build up our community. Throughout the month, keep an eye on our social media and blog as we continue to celebrate Pittsburgh.


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