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Afterparty Art Auction 

The silent auction will remain open until Thursday 9/22/22 at 11:59PM. View the pieces and their descriptions below. Proceeds from this auction will benefit the individual artists as well as the International Free Expression Project. 

To send in a bid or to update an existing bid, please fill out the form below with the name of the piece & bid amount. 

Thanks for bidding!

On the horizon.jpg

On The Horizon


Size: 16x20 canvas print

Starting Bid: $125

Current Highest Bid: 

Description: Mixed Media, 2022. This dynamic mixed media piece captures the moment being on the precipice of unfolding changes, or, new horizons in life - and finding necessary peace with it.

Morgan Overton is a visual artist and proud Pittsburgh native. Her work aims to amplify the visibility and voice of society’s most silenced. She works in all mediums to reclaim narratives that history has attempted to command. Morgan’s work is grounded in the Nina Simone quote - “It's an artist's duty to reflect the times”. She believes that art is a powerful platform to ignite social consciousness, and honor the resilience of her People.


Her work has been heavily featured across Greater Pittsburgh - namely at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Carnegie Museum of Art, and August Wilson Center. In addition, several exhibits across the United States, and internationally in Paris, France, and St. Paul de Vence, France. Her work has also been featured on Showtime Network’s The Affair, and Buzzfeed.


Her work can be purchased at, or follow her on Instagram at @MoInTheStudio

Send Me in Tiffany .jpg

Send Me in Tiffany


Size: 11 x 14 in canvas print

Starting Bid: $400

Current Highest Bid: 


Description: Acrylic Paint, 2022

As a proud Pittsburgh native, Jameelah Platt enjoys engaging with her community. Some  of her formal training and education include studying Fine Art at the University of art in Philadelphia Pa. As well as being a teaching artist at Assemble Gallery. Her most recent interest  has been in retrieving and unveiling the soft dream-like parts of our imaginations. In her own  words she stated the following:

“I am a story teller. I look for the anecdotes and fables of people of color, to reanimate the familiar narratives we are told and experience as children. I want to translate the nostalgic moments that we can mutually acknowledge and embrace as a community through the language  of gestures and movement with the human figure.” 

Her studio practice is driven by her interest in the art of story-telling, color, art history, assemblage and the decorative adornment of objects, spaces and people. She is intrigued with how color and composition can effect the way a narrative is translated and its relationship to the content that is being presented.

The Paperman

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 1.14.18 PM.png

Size: 38W x 26H

Starting Bid: $1,000

Description: Archival Cotton Rag, Limited Edition 10/10. The Paperman is part of the International Free Expression Project. The image is much more than just a photograph. It is a history unraveled through the use of technology. I was asked to document the closing of the historic Pittsburgh Post Gazette pressroom on the Boulevard of the Allies. I decided to take the project further and merge the mid-20th century operations of the pressroom and its final days.


The physical composite was created using photographs of PG pressworkers from the 1950's and my images of the now-vacated facilities. When looking at the image with the app, The Paperman’s spirit leaves the image and appears in 3D space controlling and rebuilding his work station around the viewer. It is a supernatural personification of the men and women who poured their life into the making of an American newspaper and then become the heart of the mechanism. It is clear to see that The Paperman’s spirit has lived on, eerily returning to his post nearly seven decades later.

Christopher Ruane is an Augmented Reality artist and photographer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who specializes in massive photo and video montages. Constructing, recording and combining thousands of individual layers, his work often focuses on spirituality, technology and the mysteries of life. The complexities of each piece are made to be studied to reveal an inner meaning and viewpoint about our culture, the current climate of the world and what we believe to be the truth of our origins. His work has been shown in museums and galleries across the United States and has been chosen for exhibitions by notable jurors from MOCA Cleveland, Andy Warhol Museum, Brooklyn Museum, and Carnegie Museum of Art. Christopher has also received awards from notable curators such as Linda Benadict Jones and Art Historian John T. Spike, past director of the Florence Biennale. In the last few years, Christopher and his work were featured in Camera Obscura Journal, Whirl Magazine, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, The National Catholic News Service, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post. In 2016 he was awarded The Charles Dodgson Black & White Award at The Berlin Photo Biennale and also received awards in PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris and The International Photography Awards. In recent years Christopher was a Finalist for the Fomenar Prize 2017 and exhibited in Barcelona, Spain. In 2018 he developed and created ARt, a Fine Art Augmented Reality experience App that activates episodes broadcasted through television and his 2D artwork. This first-of-its-kind approach to mixed reality culminated in his most recent exhibition, Visions at the New Media Film Festival and was submitted for Emmy consideration in Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media.


September 14, 2014

Starting Bid: $3,000

Current Highest Bid: 

Imin Yeh is an interdisciplinary and project-based artist working in sculpture, installation, and participatory events. Her projects use Print Media as a technical tool for realizing the ambition of large-scaled work and Print as a conceptual strategy for exploring free, exchange, and craft based economies. The projects utilize repetitive handcraft and mimicry as a strategy for examining the issues around the unseen labor and production that lies behind our many unconsidered everyday objects. Recent exhibitions include the San Jose Museum of Art, Asian Art Museum (San Francisco), and at the Contemporary Jewish Museum (San Francisco). She has been an Artist in Residency at Montalvo Art Center (Saratoga, CA), Blue Mountain Center (New York), Sandarbh Artist Workshop (Partapur, India), and at Recology San Francisco. Yeh is the recipient of a Eureka Fellow​ship from the Fleishhacker Foundation and an Individual Artist Grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission.

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